UPDATE:  The launch is CANCELLED for SUNDAY, April 9.

Our launch will go on as scheduled for Saturday, April 8

Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies will not be on the field Saturday.


Welcome to Rocketry South Carolina!


Schedule for 2017:
April 8-9 ICBM
May 6-7 ROSCO (Week early because of Mother’s Day)
June 10-11 ROSCO
July 8-9 ICBM
August 12-13 ROSCO
September 2,3,4 ICBM Freedom Launch
October 7-8 ROSCO
November 11-12 ICBM
December 9-10 ICBM

The is the website for the old Orangeburg rocket clubs AKA ICBM and ROSCO or Rocketry South Carolina.  We no longer launch at Orangeburg.  Why?  That is a story best told on the field.

The schedule is available on the Calendar.  It is available through September and we will work to add more.  We do not have a club hotel recommendation.  We will work with a local chain.

For more information about our club, visit our about us page.